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I have a long proven track record in developing positively public services and the economy in my home town Helsinki. I do not just talk – I act and make things happen. I have a daughter that studies in the University and a son that recently graduated from high school and now does his military service. I have graduated from University of Lund (M.Sc. International Business Administration). I currently work as a senior adviser in a private health and social care consultancy with public sector organizations such as municipalities and hospitals as clients. I also work as an independent expert for the EU Commission in the areas Digital services and Research & Innovation.     – Suzan CV LinkedIn

Can you vote in the Helsinki municipal elections ? – election day 9.4. , pre-election days 29.3.-4..4.


I believe in co-creation where citizens, the public administration and companies together develop new solutions for an ecologically and socially sustainable Helsinki.  I also believe that we need to build strong competencies in our new Regional bodies that will be in charge of the wider challenges such as healthcare in the near future. Through my work on EU-level I  know of a range of solutions for the public sector and how to make sensible use of businesses know-how without reducing our collective well being.

My Helsinki is multicultural, inclusive and respects human rights 
With my multicultural family background and the many years I have studied and worked abroad in several countries, I conclude that we are all equal and we all need eachother. Through proper and quick integration of all new comers we can only winn.

I hope you share the commitment to these goals?
✔ Focusing in all our actions and decision making on solutions that combat climate change and the destruction of our planet.
✔ Bringing together the creative potential of the city, citizens and businesses
✔ Investing in sustainable city planning and housing & energy solutions as well as rail transport and cycling ✔  Providing high quality day care and education
✔ Keeping everyone on board regardless of who they are and where they are in their lives

Broad experience from positions of responsibilityMy experience in Helsinki’s public life goes back to 1997 when I became a member of the Helsinki City Council. Since then I have had among other following positions: Member of the City Board, chair of the Health Committee, chair of the Helsinki Festival and more. I have also held several positions in the Uusimaa Region administrative bodies. Currently I am a Member of the Board of Helsinki University Hospital ( the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa Region, HUS). The above positions have provided great insights into the management of public services and understanding of how these should be developed for the benefit of the citizens.


* Nordice Healthcare Group (NHG) – I currently work here
* Project manager in the Helsinki Region development Company, Culminatum Innovation
* Advisor in the Finnish Parliament
* Advisor to Green MEP Heidi Hautala in the European Parliament
* Consultant in European Public Affairs (focusing on environment and energy policies) in Brussels with multinational companies as clients

Join me and let’s make Helsinki even a better place to live for everyone !
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